Ivy is a UK based curvy tattooed redhead who’s a part-time alternative & fetish model. Modelling has been a huge passion of hers for quite some time now, but sadly she has only been able to do it part-time. She hopes to start making more stable money out of it, so she would be able to devote more of her time to it and hopefully one day start doing it full-time!

Ivy is a member of Patreon which has given her the not just an opportunity to help spend more of her time doing something she’s passionate about and not worry about money but It’s also an amazing chance to be able to share all kinds of exclusive content with her dearest supporters and giving them a chance to see more of her work.

Ivy’s 2018 calendar was designed online using our free online design service. Glamour model calendars are very popular and are great for any one who enjoys Ivy’s work, purchasing a calendar will help her continue to keep providing her fans with her content.

Product Ordered:

A3 Double Page Wall Calendar

Template: Theme 1
Qty Ordered: x25
Paper Type: 250gsm Silk