Puffin Calendar – Tandem Photography N.I.

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Tandem Photography NI is the photographic images produced through the various adventures and escapades of two Northern Irish photographers. They’re not a company, just a couple with a love of photography and adventure throughout Ireland. Their images are diverse. They photograph the stereotypical images that photographers tend to photograph… images from landscapes to wildlife.

However, one passion they share is to find beauty in abandoned buildings. Unnoticed by the majority of the general public, lies hidden this enchanting world. A world where they often tip-toe over dodgy floorboards to document the romanticism of their ruins. Sadly, many beautiful buildings are in a state of deterioration. They aim to bring them to life again, and document them, before damp destroys, bricks crumble and nature reclaims them forever. Through their photography they share the spirit of these buildings, and through viewing these images you can share in their exploration.

For their 2018 calendar they have some fantastic images of Puffins that they have photographed on Skellig Michael in Ireland. They designed their calendar for free using our online design service.

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A4 Portrait Wall Calendar

Template: Theme 4
Qty Ordered: x50
Paper Type: 170gsm Silk