Truckers Wives – in Tutus!

A4 Single Sided Wall Calendar with 12 pages and a front cover printed in full colour

Customer Name: Sharon Meadows

Calendar Type: A4 Wall Calendar

Calendar Theme: A4 Wall Theme 11

Paper Used: 170gsm Gloss

Amount Ordered: 500 Calendars

Added Extras: None

Total Cost: £915.00 + VAT

Delivery: UK Delivery

Re-Order: N/A

Isle of wight scooter ralley 2016 calendar

An Amazing Job!!!

Sam has done an amazing job for us,
We are absolutely over the moon with it!
Hopefully it should help us raise money!

Customer Review – Sharon Meadows – 17th April 2015

See the Template before we started…
& after we finished!

The calendar starting point
The template when finished

What We Did! The design process

This calendar project needed to be along the lines of the glamour templates but also show off some sposonrship logos. It was very important that we gave some credible weight to the sponsors of the calendar as well as creating a balance for the images being as big as possible. Wall them no. 11 was the perfect starting point for this project. Sponsorship of a calendar is very important as this helps raise the much needed intial cash injection to get the calendar project started.

The template orignally was a FULL page image, however we cropped that down to a 3/4 image and moved the calendar dates up closer to the pictures, this then left us the required advertising space. The main sponsor logo was placed in the centre on every page, with the extra sponsors sharing each side of the available space and being rotated over each month.

To tie in the charity the calendar was working for we added a unique heart foundation ‘heart blip’ banner – this not only tied in the charity logo it looked fantastic!! We created a bespoke front cover as well for this project. A printed proof was provided before the printing began.

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Senior Designer


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Using your calendars for fundraising?

Why not supply us with all the web addresses for the sites you’re using to raise money. We’ll add these throughout your calendar ensuring maximum  fundraising potential!

Want to use you calendar for promotion?

Why not supply us with all of your web portals, social media, brand details and fundraising information. This will give you maximum impact with every month that’s viewed!

Want to show off your photographs?

hy not choose one of our ‘Glamour’ themes. These themes are specifically created with photographers in mind to showcase their images allowing them to be scaled as large as possible.

Don't Forget a Front Cover...

Were you thinking you didn’t need a front cover? Think again…A front cover not only allows extra space to show off your images but can also convey the message of your calendar project far easier than without. Don’t forget – With our theme service we build the front cover up for you!

Photo Resolutions...

A printed calendar has maximum impact when using a photo at a good quality and size – As a rule of thumb, always set your camera or smart phone to the highest possible settings before taking your photos for printing. If your images are less than 1mb-2mb in size (1000-2000kb) then your image may not be the best quality!

A Back Cover - For That Extra Page...

Quite often overlooked – A back page not only can be used as an extra month (if you wish) but can be used to highlight all the images in the calendar as well as allowing more space to put across your important message – Don’t forget that using our theme service we design all this for you!

Image Orientation...

Make sure your photos fit the theme you have chosen – All of our templates have one orientation, so if you are supplying a Portrait photo to fit into a landscape space some cropping may occur – Take a look at the them you are choosing and you will see if the photo aperture is either landscape or portrait!

Need a Few More Pages?

If you need as many pages as possible without compromising on price – have you thought about ordering a stapled booklet calendar? these come as standard with 2 extra pages that can be used as information pages.


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